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Welcome to TRAVOL International Consulting

30 Years’ Experience Working with Software for Service Industries

Over the past three decades our consultants have worked in environments and with companies in the services sector, covering marketing, consulting, design and architectural industries. Working with a multitude of different software solutions, from spreadsheet based and bespoke systems through to off the shelf packages we have gained the experience to tailor your system to your requirements.
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Agency Software & Process Specialists – Implementing and Consulting Worldwide

Mapping existing and setting up new processes, configuring systems to serve these and being able to “think outside of the box” are some of the capabilities that our advisers have gathered over the years when working on implementations for companies afar as the United States and Australasia to places closer to home like the Middle East and Europe. All of this specialist knowhow has been acquired by us for just one reason: To make it available to you and your business!
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Independent Accounting and Job Costing Software Specialists

Our experts have also gathered experience in various positions within software houses. Working in consulting and training environments as well as a with the development departments they have seen what is involved when new functions are added to existing platforms and have had a hand in specifying requirements and “translating” them to the technicians who programme them. Having left the restraints of being inside a software house behind, we now use our wealth of knowledge from within to offer completely independent advise on the best solutions for Your business. No affiliations or loyalties to anybody else but you.
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What our clients say about us...

Travol International have been invaluable in supporting our teams, with patience and advise. We signed up for regular support – visits and access to expert consultancy at hand. It gives us comfort to know that we can always pick up the phone or send a quick email and get a speedy, informed response. I would thoroughly recommend Travol International to companies who need financial consultants who are passionate about what they do and love working with their customers.

Gina Hubbard

Chief Financial Officer (Volume)

We were very impressed by Volker in his level of efficiency, understanding of our current finance structure set up and working fast towards moving that across into the new system the best we wanted it to. He was able to answer all of our questions very quickly, grasping what we wanted immediately and was always very good in getting back to any queries on the phone or email after the training sessions. We would recommend him as a consultant as he is always accessible and prioritises your needs the way one would expect from a service they are paying for.

Ali Raza

Senior Management Accountant (Taylor Herring)

Volker and Tracey have been a great help to us, recently providing training sessions for our organisation. With their aid and professionalism we’ve enabled users to gain more expertise and understanding with our system to make processes more efficient. They provided insight geared to our setup and answered questions specific to our needs. They were a great help, were a pleasure to work with and we will definitely use them again!

Alex Pond

Finance Manager (Lawton Communications Group)

Our Senior Team

Meet our senior consultants

Volker Bendel

FD & Principal Consultant

Tracey Bendel

Operations Director & Consultant

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