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The Importance of Reporting Functionality in Integrated Project Management Systems

  1) Reporting Flexibility and User Acceptance: Many integrated job costing and accounting systems in use in the creative industry offer great value to the organisation by streamlining the project management from recording the first client brief, generating budgets and quotes right through to closing the job bag and handling the billing. There is however one aspect in many such…

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Multi-Currency in Project Management Systems

  With more and more of the business in the creative industry taking place in a global dimension, many creative companies now have to handle foreign currencies as well as their local currencies. Traditionally this is often done in a manual ad-hoc way where up to the time when documents for foreign clients or suppliers are produced everything is based…

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Time As a Job Cost – How to Best Put a Value to Time

  For most agencies in the creative industry time is the main generator of fees and revenue. Although a number of companies also have some income from buying and recharging third party costs and in particular start-up companies might utilise freelancers* for their work, in the majority of firms staff time creates the biggest value on a project. When implementing…

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Project Management Systems – Why Invest in Training

  Many agencies have made the first step and invested in an integrated project management and accounting system. When the system is first implemented all members of staff are trained on the functions particular to their role. As employees move on and new employees join, the new starters usually have a handover from their predecessors in how to use the…

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Involving Creative Staff in the Project Management

Historically in many agencies creative staff members only do creative work and record their time for this work in a time recording system – ideally electronically. Experience from many training classes for creative teams in using a computerised timesheet system has however shown that the majority of them are also open to learn about how their projects perform in a…

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Project Management Software Or Excel – An Evaluation

  “I just couldn’t do without Excel!” This is something heard all over again when running project management software courses for account managers. Spreadsheets are used for calculating budgets, recording costs and income, calculating profitability by comparing both and much more. Even client facing documents, such as quotations and sales invoices are often prepared in spreadsheets rather than word processing…

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