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Volker and Tracey have been a great help to us, recently providing training sessions for our organisation. With their aid and professionalism we’ve enabled users to gain more expertise and understanding with our system to make processes more efficient. They provided insight geared to our setup and answered questions specific to our needs. They were a great help, were a pleasure to work with and we will definitely use them again!

Alex Pond

Alex Pond

Finance Manager (Lawton Communications Group)

Volker Bendel worked with us when we requested a new trainer to come in and explain the Paprika system and it’s set up after feeling let down by the previous trainer in the level of quality of explaining/training on the new system.

We were very impressed by Volker in his level of efficiency, understanding of our current finance structure set up and working fast towards moving that across into the new system the best we wanted it to. He was able to answer all of our questions very quickly, grasping what we wanted immediately and was always very good in getting back to any queries on the phone or email after the training sessions.

Volker’s note taking also proved very accurate of what we had covered in each training session, clearly listing the solutions that were suggested to help us remember what was said on any particular issue by looking back on the notes.

We wanted Volker to finish the remainder training sessions, as our trainer, after he departed Paprika and made that request to Paprika due to the level of his quality.
We would recommend him as a consultant as he is always accessible and prioritises your needs the way one would expect from a service they are paying for.

Ali Raza

Ali Raza

Senior Management Accountant (Taylor Herring)

Even having used Paprika at Volume for many years, we still find there are times when we need expert advice and support. This is where we turn to Travol International. Volker Bendel, their FD and senior consultant, is an experienced FD and an expert in the software, who worked for Paprika for 16 years, implementing Paprika all over the world, and was our account manager for several years. He has been back to us many times, helping us with issues such as reconciliations, forecasting, time reporting and changes to our internal procedures when it comes to using Paprika. We always asked for him personally, so when we heard that he was starting his own Consultancy business with his partner, Tracey Seaman, who was previously Paprika’s internal product training manager, we decided that this would be a perfect opportunity for us to have expert support at hand on a regular basis.

Volker and Tracey are not just consultants – they provide FD and FC services to companies, they look at requirements, map the processes around them and implement solutions from start to finish including delivering training and documentation to support them. They’ve been invaluable in supporting our teams, with patience and advise.

We signed up for regular support – visits and access to expert consultancy at hand. It gives us comfort to know that we can always pick up the phone or send a quick email and get a speedy, informed response. I would thoroughly recommend Travol International to companies who need financial consultants who are passionate about what they do and love working with their customers.

Gina Hubbard

Gina Hubbard

Chief Financial Officer (Volume)

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