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How often do you look at a huge system manual, or an online help file, which tells you what a certain field does, or what the calculation in a report is made up from.  This is of course excellent information to have, but can often be very difficult to find out how to carry out a certain task in the software and according to your organisation’s own policies.

This is where we can help you – we will look at your processes with you and then produce bespoke “how to” guides for you staff to use.  These can be specific to role, include screenshots from your data, and give guidance on best practice use of the software to achieve the required result without your users having to wade through a huge manual or helpfile to find out how to go about a task.  Having these documents is not a substitute for training, however they make excellent training aids for use during the session and/or afterwards so that staff don’t forget what they’ve learned.

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