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Research within finance teams has found that Month End is perceived as more stressful than any other time in the month. There are reporting deadlines to meet, payments to process and banks and control accounts to reconcile, possibly VAT, payroll, currency and depreciation to sort.

How long does it take you to do your month or year end?  How often have you thought “if it was only easier and quicker to get through the month end procedure?”

We have the experience to assist with that and streamline the whole process to make it simpler and faster.  We can provide training in the most efficient ways to process month and year ends.  We can provide consultancy and help with issues, either on site or on the telephone.  We can be there to work with you every month or run it for you.  We can also help you with Audits – a consultant can work with you when your auditors are in to assist and advise you in providing them with the data they need.

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