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Involving Creative Staff in the Project Management

Historically in many agencies creative staff members only do creative work and record their time for this work in a time recording system – ideally electronically. Experience from many training classes for creative teams in using a computerised timesheet system has however shown that the majority of them are also open to learn about how their projects perform in a…

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Project Management Software Or Excel – An Evaluation

  “I just couldn’t do without Excel!” This is something heard all over again when running project management software courses for account managers. Spreadsheets are used for calculating budgets, recording costs and income, calculating profitability by comparing both and much more. Even client facing documents, such as quotations and sales invoices are often prepared in spreadsheets rather than word processing…

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How to Account For Freelancers in the Creative Industry

In many businesses in the creative industry, in particular in their early years, freelancers play a major role in delivering work for which no internal resource is available. Then again, for well-established companies where ideally their own permanent workforce should source all the fee income generated, there might come a point, where for one reason or another – be it…

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Timesheets Are Not The End Of It

  Nobody likes doing timesheets. It appears to many users – in particular the creative users within an organization – to be a way of monitoring every single minute of their time. It doesn’t encourage them either to enter timesheets if they are well aware that they are the only ones having to record their time, whilst the very same…

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  In our previous articles we’ve talked about the importance of internal training within organisations. Our staff are our biggest asset, therefore training them is hugely important. But the question is do we do it ourselves or do we get experts in to advise us?   If we are thinking about setting up a comprehensive internal training programme we need…

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MONEY DOWN THE DRAIN? OR WORTH EVERY PENNY? “Your staff are your biggest asset”. This is a term commonly used throughout the business world and we all know what it means, but what are the consequences to your business of not whole heartedly embracing this and acting on it? For a company to have a fantastic performance, it needs to…

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